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A cup of justice
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Okay, time for a tiny bit of update, (And Edit!)
Mmm'kay, to all who do not know, this Godot is played by epsilonicron   formerly known as attorneyatlulz .

This Godot is also slightly AU in the fact that he is out on parole for good behavior, mainly, he helped uncover a small uprising in the prison and as such was let out due to his dedication to JUSTICE. Unfortunately, due to the whole Hazakura Temple incident, he's no longer involved in the lawyer business and has mellowed out a bit as a result. He still wears the visor to hide the scar in addition to helping him see, and he's still a coffee addict.

This Godot was made for pwdressingroom  Feel free to contact me if you feel that I am doing it wrong or you have a plot idea.

5th-Feb-2008 08:50 pm - OOC: THE COFFEE IS A LIE.

Made two Portal/GS icons...

30th-Jan-2008 07:28 pm - OOC: MOST EPIC COMBO EVER.
28th-Jan-2008 09:50 pm - This is a Livejournal
More accurately, it's my Livejournal, expect coffee, and um....coffee. Also Miles, if you're reading this, I just saw Gant sneaking off with some of your Cravated Undies.  
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